Three reasons why natural living will make your life better, today and tomorrow

1. Eating whole and natural foods makes you stronger than you know

The old saying “You are what you eat”, seems to feel more and more real every day. The mass-produced, chemical-laden packaged “foods” that began taking over grocery stores over four decades ago are now being scientifically proven to be far worse for our health than we ever thought. Since that time, there have been ripples in the water, people doubting that this was a good direction for us to be going in and advocating for a lifestyle of natural living. Those ripples turned to waves, and now, a tidal wave of talk and information is telling us that our previous diets were making us fat and sick.

Junk food now has a new meaning. Once meant to categorize tasty foods with little or no nutritional value, now junk food is seen by many as literal junk- something they would be no more likely to put into their bodies than trash from a dumpster.

Diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, and cancer can all be traced back to a diet of ultra-processed foods and a lack of essential nutrients that the body needs to function properly. Even non-life-threatening conditions such as acne and chronic heartburn are often the results of simply eating the wrong foods. Many people are in fact, overeating junk food and starving at the same time. A change in diet, away from processed foods and back toward whole, natural foods and natural living can be the cure from disease that our society needs.

natural living

2. Using natural products keeps birds, bears and fish healthy

Similar to being conscious of what goes into the body, it is important to also think of what is being used outside of the body. Skin is extremely absorbent, so what is put onto the skin and hair is also taken into the body. Similar chemicals in processed foods that can make our bodies sick are present in many beauty and cleaning products, so it is important to choose household and beauty products that reflect a natural living lifestyle.

Beyond damaging ourselves, we do damage to the earth with all of the chemicals we use. Certain sprays and aerosols strip away natural resources in the air that protect us from the sun, and are also redistributed around the globe in water sources and air after during freezing and evaporation cycles. This exposes plants and animals all over the earth to our man-made mess, often killing off species and harming entire ecosystems.

3. Re-thinking where we get our energy and resources will help stabilize important ecosystems

We humans see the world as our oyster. We take what we want without a lot of thought about what it might do to the delicate balances of organisms, ecosystems and the future world. Our love of paper and paper products has led to massive amounts of rainforest destruction, and the amount of drilling we do for crude oil has a huge impact on marine life as well as life on land.

Recently we’ve been exploring other options for products and energy, such as reusable, chemically-safe plastics and metals, and other sources of natural energy, such as biofuels, hydroelectric power, geothermal energy, solar and wind energy. The more that society embraces these new, better methods of getting the resources we need and natural living, the more sustainable and healthier our planet will be for us and for future generations.

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