How to choose the perfect garden sculpture

Garden sculptures are important tools used as a focal point in the garden. The sculpture can anchor a certain flower bed, provide a beautiful accent all year around, and lead the eye in a different direction. Adding a sculpture to a garden is a wonderful design choice that allows you to personalize the space to your liking, and to reflect your particular style.

All garden owners use sculptures a little differently, but often times the choices are overwhelming for those new to garden design. When implementing a new sculpture for the first time or creating a visually stunning garden, what are some of the things to consider? Here is a simple list to get you started.

Garden Sculpture

  1. Size of the sculpture

If you are looking for a garden sculpture that adds character to the overall landscape, i.e. the yard or surrounding vegetation, then a larger statue might suit your needs. Smaller garden sculptures can get lost in the big picture, and while they are great for adding impression to a localized section of the garden they often can’t be seen from a longer distance away. Smaller statues within the greenery can provide a pleasant surprise up close, and can be just as visually stunning as larger sculptures.

  1. For emphasis on sections

Statues can be used to draw the eye to a certain section of the garden that is an item of interest, such as a pretty bed of flowers, a marble tiled courtyard, or even a swimming pool. Statues can be used to draw attention to a surprisingly beautiful object near or behind it. Solar statues have also become popular and can be added to paths and driveways to create a focal point.

  1. Sculpture styles

Mixing different artistic styles of the sculptures just doesn’t do any of them justice. Instead, design a theme for the garden and use sculptures that capture the mood of that theme. It is also not a great idea to clutter too many of the same type of sculpture together in sections, such as too many animal sculptures in one place- it is best to spread them out or use different types. Otherwise each will detract from the others and it will be difficult to appreciate each on it’s own.

  1. Make personal decisions

Garden statues are a private and personal addition to the yard and garden, so it makes the most sense that you would choose sculptures that you love and that speak to you in some way. Like decorating a room or house, the pieces you choose should bring you happiness when you look at them. After all, you will most likely be the one looking at them the most!

Make a visual impact when you add a garden sculpture. Use them to create visual drama and to pull the look of your garden and property together, making the most out of your personal space. Create a garden that reflects your style!

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